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Under its theme of promoting learned exchange, HCA Foundation has awarded 44 Fellowships since 2005. They appeal to mid-career and senior Harvard-based science, medicine and engineering researchers and/or educators intending collaborative projects in Australia.

Promoting learned exchange between  
Harvard University and Australia

This successful program, funded by Harvard Club of Australia Foundation, is now accepting applications for calendar 2014.


Deadline for applications is Monday 23 September 2013.
Successful applicants will be notified by end-December 2013.


The Fellowships are tenable at eligible Australian institutions. These include all of the nation’s universities and most research centres. For Harvard-based researchers and educators, we envisage a working visit of several months during which we encourage Fellows to interact additionally with educators and students in their vicinity. Most favored will be those applicants who can demonstrate strong potential for ‘break-through’ impacts resulting from their collaborations. HCA Foundation values highly those  projects which intend to use our contribution as ‘seed capital’.

  •  to build a launch pad for innovations which bring measurable benefits to humankind;
  • groundwork that later attracts major funding - perhaps from government - for R & D and implementation;
  • developing new teaching methods that transform students’ capability for creative scientific solutions.

sets out guidelines for applicants. It defines who is eligible, what the Fellowship covers, and what to include in your straight-forward online submission.

[Australian and Harvard research groups and institutions are cordially invited to e-link this page]

Australian residents may also be eligible if they have previously hosted an incoming Fellow and can demonstrate significant value in a working visit to Harvard to attend, say, the Fellow's laboratory at Harvard in order to consolidate and advance the original collaboration.

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