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 Leadership Program 2014: Competitive & Political Advantage presented by Professors David Yoffie and Felix Oberholzer-Gee from Sunday 3 to Friday 8 August 2014.
Venue: Aitken Hill Conference Centre, 15 minutes from Melbourne Airport.

Nonprofit Leadership Program 2014:  Effective Strategies for Nonprofit Organisations, presented by  Professor Felix Oberholzer-Gee from Thursday 31 July  to Saturday 2 August 2014.
New format: 100% HBS Professor & 100% nonprofit cases from HBS Social Enterprise Programs.
Venue:  The Sydney Conference & Training Centre at Ingleside Road, Narrabeen, NSW, in association with Mens RingsAustralia.

Harvard Club of Australia News: HCA Nonprofit Fellowship 2014 now open

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HCV Nonprofit Fellowship 2014 now open.


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